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Waterway Clusterstorm Jet Diffuser

Waterway Clusterstorm Jet Diffuser

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Diameter of Face: 24mm

Height if stood on face: 65mm

Connections: Push fit with 2 x Plastic Lugs

Suitable for these Hot Tubs
Spaform Platinum
Spaform Tango
Spaform Milano
Spaform Grand Canyon
Spaform Utopia
Spaform Odyssey


Push evenly on the rear of the jet fitting to assemble. WARNING: the likely hood is that you may end up breaking one or two before getting one to fit correctly so it’s often worth buying an extra one just in case.

Diffusers are ONLY the rear piece of the jet - NO OTHER parts come with the diffuser. If you are missing other pieces from your jet, you will need to buy a complete jet.

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