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Sunhut 3m x 4m Pergola Gazebo

Sunhut 3m x 4m Pergola Gazebo

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The pavilion is ideal for use where you want to regulate both sun and rain. The waterproof roof is equipped with adjustable slats in aluminium and a drainage system that leads the water away via the roof grooves and down into the column's drain outlet.

The slats of the roof can be adjusted so that they block the sun, but at the same time open to the warm air inside the pavilion, so that the area under the roof remains cooled on a hot summer day.

In the winter, the slats can be opened up at the correct angle and capture the sun's natural heat rays.

The roof can withstand snow cover up to 60 kg / m 2 .

In the closed state, the slats can withstand a wind speed of 60 km / h and a rainwater intensity of 0.04 to 0.05 liters / s / m 2 .

In light rain, the roof can still protect from the rain and at the same time ventilate and shade from the sun.

  • Aluminium anthracite framework
  • 100% waterproof roof slats
  • Efficient drainage system for rainwater
  • UV-protected surface
  • Warranty Pergola 5 years
  • Motor 1 year
  • Blind 1 year
  • Always open the roof and blinds in bad weather
  • The ground must be 100% level
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