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Season Spas Bromine Granules 1kg

Season Spas Bromine Granules 1kg

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Our Bromine Granules are highly effective granules used to sanitise and control algae of spa water. These granules are relatively pH neutral.


  1. Maintain pH levels with the ideal range to get the most effective use of your bromine.
  2. Freshly filled spas require an initial start up dose of 20mg/l (ppm) of free chlorine circulated for 2.5 hours
  3. Apply the bromine directly to your spa water whilst the spa pumps are on.
  4. If using bromine for shock treatment, allow 30 minutes before bathing.
Spa Volumes Amount Needed to increase level by
Litres Gallons 1mg/L 3mg/L 5mg/L
500 110 1g 4g 8g
1,000 220 3g 8g 16g
1,500 330 4g 12g 24g
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