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iNHEAT 5.2kw ON OFF Heat Source Pump

iNHEAT 5.2kw ON OFF Heat Source Pump

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The Future of Hot Tub & Spa Heating!

The iNHEAT 5.2kW heat source pump is perfect for heating Medium Hot Tubs because it's 0.95kW power in capacity and water volume of 20-25m³ make it great for heating up a medium hot tub quickly and efficiently! Use the heat pumps 3 different modes to get the best of our of your hot tub. Boost Mode heats your hot tub faster making it great for winter to late spring. Smart Mode uses the best output to give your the best heating and efficiency. Silent mode uses up to half capacity to keep it quiet.

iNHEAT Heat Source Pumps are the golden ticket of Hot Tub & Spa heating, using heat from the surrounding air the heat source pump reduces the amount of power required to heat your Hot Tub. The combination of R10 insulation and a heat source pump you can save up to 61% energy compared to a traditional hot tub heating solution. In our internal testing our R10 hot tub with a heat source pump cost £2.80 a day in ice cold winter temperatures while the traditional heater cost £7.20, A saving of £132 per month!*

*The testing was performed over a 48hr period with an electricity cost of 0.30p per kW. Please bear in mind your costs may vary.

Operating Temperature From -7°C to +43°C
Dimensions 816 x 307 x 533mm
Control Panel LCD Display
Efficiency COP up to 6.07
Cabinet Galvanised Black Steel
Gas Used R32 gas, which has a 3x lower Global Warming Potential than R410A
Warranty 2 Years for Heat Pump & 5 Years for Compressor and Heat Exchanger
Maximum Pool Volume  Depending on Environmental Conditions
Power Needs Separate Power Feed
A27 / W27 C.O.P 6.6 Power input 950 watts Capacity 5.78kw
A15 / W26 C.O.P 4.7 Power input 930 watts Capacity 4.85kw
Noise Level From 1 Metre - db38 | From 10 Metre db27
Compressor GMCC Compressor
Wifi Wifi Connectivity Optional Extra
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