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Blue Horizons

Blue Horizons Chlorine Reducer 1kg

Blue Horizons Chlorine Reducer 1kg

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AquaSPArkle Spa Non-Chlorine Shock is a granular product that is ideal for regular oxidation of your spa water. As this doesn't increase chlorine or bromine levels, bathing can resume shortly after application. These granules can be used with both Chlorine and Bromine treated spas.

Spa Volumes Lower Chlorine Levels by
Litres Gallons 1mg/L (1ppm) 2mg/L (2ppm) 3mg/L (3pp)
4,545 1,000
23g 46g 114g
9,090 2,000
45g 91g 227g
22,700 5,000 114g 228g 568g
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