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Oasis Spas

AS-50D - Swim Spa Oasis Spas with Inverter

AS-50D - Swim Spa Oasis Spas with Inverter

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Pure Swimming Experience

Putting the Swim in Swim Spa with the AS-50D. Designed for swimming and hydrotherapy the AS-50D uses it's powerful swim jets and spacious 4.8m length to provide the best swim spa experience.

Inverter technology lowers pump running costs by efficiently adjusting the motor speed. Unlike traditional pumps that operate at a fixed speed, invert-driven pumps match the demand by varying the motor speed. This eliminates energy wastage, resulting in significant cost savings. Moreover, by reducing ware and tear, inverter technology extends the pump's lifespan, minimising maintenance expenses.

The AS-50D has the R18+ Thermal Lock Insulation which uses closed cell, open cell, heat reflective wraps and high density skirts to create the best energy efficiency insulation for your hot tub. Thermal Lock is a reliable thermal insulation solution to lock the heat inside the spa within the cabinet. It uses 10mm high density insulation foaming, 8mm spa shell and 100mm soft full foam insulation sprayed on the inside of the spa giving high energy efficiency.

We have implemented cutting edge technology to fit our spas with a double filtration system. The filters trap dirt and oils when water passes through, this keeps the spa clean and makes the water much more clear. The double filtering system catches anything that may have slipped through, ensuring you have the safest and healthiest spa while also decreasing the burden on a single filter, which means you won't need to replace it as often.

Free Delivery, Free Installation, Free Thermal Cover

UK Pool & Spa Awards Eco Award Winner 2022
Dimensions 4800 x 2200 x 1270mm
Control Panel Gecko IN.K1001 Touch Screen
Acrylic Colour Sterling Silver
Power Supply 32 amp 3kw heater
Empty Weight 1019kg
Filled Weight 7019kg
Water Capacity 6000L
Insulation 15mm High Density Full Foam & 4mm Dual Aluminium
Filters Twin Filtration

7.5" Boost Swim Jets 4 Standard | 3 With Inverter
Colour Changing Lights
Music System 4x Built-in Bluetooth Speakers & Subwoofer

Online, Over the Phone & In Store Support Lifetime
Steal Frame Structure
15 Years
No Leak Shell
5 Years
Surface Shell 3 Years
Components (Jets, Diverters) 4 Years
Electrical Components (Pumps, Heater) 2 Years
Side Panels (Including corners) 2 Years
Atmosphere (Pillows, Cover, LEDs) 1 Year

Any damage or broken / missing parts must be reported with 3 days of collection.

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