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Aquasparkle Bromine Infused Granules 5kg

Aquasparkle Bromine Infused Granules 5kg

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AquaSPArkle Spa Bromine Infused Granules are a highly effective sanitiser formulated to kill and prevent bacteria in your hot tub water. They are rapid dissolving and easy to dose to suit your requirements. Spa Bromine Infused Granules have a fairly neutral pH so won't upset the water balance and they also stay active over a wide pH range.

Spa Volumes Amount Needed to increase level by
Litres Gallons 1mg/L 3mg/L 5mg/L
500 110 1g 4g 6g
1,000 220 3g 9g 13g
1,500 330 4g 13g 19g
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