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Blue Horizons

Blue Horizons Calcium Hardness Raiser 5kg

Blue Horizons Calcium Hardness Raiser 5kg

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Swimming pool calcium hardness levels should be maintained at a minimum of 200mg/l (ppm) to ensure that the pool and equipment are protected. Calcium Hardness Raiser is a calcium flake which rapidly increases calcium hardness to the desired level.

Pool Volumes To Increase Calcium Hardness by
Litres Cubic Metres 10mg/L 25mg/L 50mg/L
4,545 4.55 68g 170g 340g
11,364 11.36 170g 425g 850g
22,727 22.73 340g 850g 1.7kg
45,455 45.45 680g 1.7kg 3.4kg
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