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Darlly Pure Stream Hot Tub Hose Filter SC795

Darlly Pure Stream Hot Tub Hose Filter SC795

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Hard water is NOT good for your spa or hot tub. Limescale can stick to the spa surface and can block the filters and eventually damage the heater and the pumps.

Using chemicals to counteract this process can be expensive and time consuming but using the Darlly PureStream when filling your spa or pool will remove calcium and magnesium from the water replacing it with soft sodium instead.

Simply attach your garden hose to the filter and fill your spa using a slow or medium flow rate. The slower the fill the more effective the process.

This is a reuseable filter. To retain it's effectiveness and refresh the filter's capability by adding saline solution (diluted salt water) into the cartridge, ensuring the water-tight end caps are replaced.

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